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The structure Modulap® Maxi is made up by anodized aluminium drafts that are already set with the different hooking systems.
The niche sizes can vary according to the laws in force.
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The structural calculations of Modulap® Maxi have been studied for modules of 25 niches (n. 5 x 5 niches) - (indicative sizes: height m. 4,60 – width 4,60 m. – depth m. 2,40). It is possible to build even modules of any size, except for some structural tests in particular cases.

All the data are reported on an available detailed handbook.

  Download pdf file with an extract of the Modulap® Maxi structural calculations report (To get the full report, please contatact Vezzani S.p.A.)

The anodized aluminium drafts are assembled together thanks to some die casting aluminium stirrups and fixed with stainless steel screws.

The box to contain the coffin is made of stainless steel (AISI 304). Such box will be closed with a cover made of the same material on which a special rubber gasket (technical chart available) will be placed to have a good sealing.

Such structure has been developed to give a certain inclination to the stainless steel case, towards the bottom of the structure itself, according to the law in force.

The roof of Modulap® Maxi
will be made with a stainless steel corrugate sheet iron (AISI 304) – (on request other materials).

The external covering of the whole structure is made of marble plates, granite or other materials (for example stainless steel, bronze, etc.) that are assembled thanks to proper fixing studs type Art. 30949CA that are in the Acmomad catalogue.

The whole structure will be placed on a reinforced-concrete slab
through the placing of proper stainless steel supports (feet) that are fixed with proper hooking.
The reinforced-concrete slab, on which the structure Modulap® Maxi will be placed, must be built according to the specifications given by our technical office.

  Download pdf file with Modulap® Maxi's instructions for use and maintenance
  Visualize images of details of the structure